People Empowerment
Programme of Nepal

A major factor in many of Nepal’s current social and economic problems is the migration of Nepali youth abroad seeking employment. The resulting problems of child labor, a failing agricultural economy and increased instability, leading to crime and terrorism, are most acutely felt in rural as well as in Urban areas.

The aim of the People Empowerment Programme Nepal (PEPNepal) is to tackle these complex issues by providing training and employment opportunities within Nepal in order to offer young people a future in their home country. PEPNepal is a non-profit organization which aims at empowering young and disadvantaged Nepalese by linking education and training with work experience and employment opportunities. PEPNepal is leading by example in nepali empowerment efforts as we are entirely nepali organized, funded and sponsored.

Combining these aspects will empower Nepalese to develop both the skills and the early work experience that are vital in establishing careers that can be sustained in the long term. We ask that you support us to ‘support peace in Nepal through empowering its people’.

Our Organization is relatively unique in that all funding is directed towards specific projects. We ask for no hefty volunteering fees or hidden commission costs. Our volunteers pay only a $50 registration charge (see volunteers program page for a breakdown of this cost.)

Upcoming Event

Capacity building workshop on Anchoring

Date: October 18-20, 2012
Time: 09.00am to 02.00pm
Venue: Purna Yoga Hall, Pokhara

Volunteer Program

At PEP we do not believe in charging our volunteers extortionate placement fees. Our interest is in helping the communities, not making a profit.

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