Membership Program

PEPNepal offers a range of different membership options to enable people, companies and organizations to provide support in the way that makes most effective use of their resources.

PEPNepal is looking to work with organizations who can offer work experience placements to PEPNepal participants. PEPNepal would support these placements through provision of training.

Everybody who would like to join the PEPNepal as a National member for a Life time or for 5 years. (Please contact us)

Everybody who would like to join the PEPNepal as an international member for Life Time. (Please contact us)

Benefits for PEPNepal members include:

Free training and work experience for the youth (Click here for Up Coming Activities or Events)
Monthly Training on key issues and skills provided by PEPNepal (on donation basis).
Free career counseling for the youth.
Trained applicants for internships / vacancies in companies.
Job Placement in different sector.
Necessary all the Training accordingly to the Faculties.
Free Training provided by Purna Yoga for Children & Youth.

Upcoming Event

Capacity building workshop on Anchoring

Date: October 18-20, 2012
Time: 09.00am to 02.00pm
Venue: Purna Yoga Hall, Pokhara

Volunteer Program

At PEP we do not believe in charging our volunteers extortionate placement fees. Our interest is in helping the communities, not making a profit.

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