How you can help PEPNepal?

If you're searching for an investment that will never lose interest, why not invest in empower the Poor people of Nepal. PEPNepal is doing just that and welcomes your support.

By participating a Ayurveda cookery course provided by PEP Youth

(It’s really help to generate fund for itself through taking this course.)

Cookery Course

At PEPNepal Pokhara office, we offer you the opportunity to discover more about our culture by learning how to make delicious and healthy Nepali food.

Our PEPNepal Youth, your hostess has over 5 yr experience in ayurveda cooking. Her assistant (also PEPNepal youth) has been teaching people to cook nepali & Ayurvedic, continental and Indian food for 3 years.

PEPNepal is offering 1 to 3 days cookery courses to guests, volunteers or tourists. These courses will cover Nepalese dishes based on the principles of ayurveda. All dishes are prepared in a simple and healthy way. By the end of the course, you will easily be able to prepare a meal yourself.

Dal Bhat. This is our National and very common dish, in which one learns to make lentil soup, vegetable curry and rice.
Chapati (Different types and shape)
Nepali Masala Tea / Herbal Tea
Bean soup / Yogic soup & some herbal soup
Many different kind of pickles
Potato Salad / Nepali Salad
Veg.Momo / Sweet and Cheese Momo (In many different shape and design)
Nepali Sweet / Dessert
Healthy Yogic Food and many more...

There will be more yogic dishes depending on time and interest.
Any Date and Whole day Price – 1 day per person Rs 3000 / 2 Days per person Rs 5000
Included three meals / once can join Evening Yoga and Bhakti Yoga Sadhana Class as well.

Please contact on –
Call: Mr. Manohar Shrestha (Program Coordinator)
Cell No: 9841436877 / 9803976053

To Became a Life member of PEPNepal

One of the funding source of the PEPNepal is the Membership. We are highly welcome to be a part of PEPNepal Member to the entire International Interested person.

To Make a financial Aid

Financial Aid are always welcome and appreciated. A little help can go a long way to improving the life of a Poor Village Nepalese.

To Support by Travelling in No tourist Areas of Nepal

Help people living in Nepal's poorest areas by going trekking there. Gather a group together and enjoy a trek in the untouched, unspoilt Mountain areas.

To Bring Supplies

If you're coming to Nepal for a trek, and looking for a simple but effective way to help, leave a little extra room in your suitcase for a few supplies to leave with PEPNepal.

To Provide Trekking Supplies

Most of the Porter do not have any trekking gear when they begin in the program and PEPNepal provides the necessary equipment. Any new or used equipment would be very valuable to build the stock room. Helpful items to bring or leave behind include:

Hiking Boots
Small Back Packs
Sleeping Bag
Down Jackets / Trekking Gear
First aid Kits, Thermometers
Any other trekking gear after used…

To Provide Training Supplies

Education constitutes a large portion of the training. Any training supplies would be appreciated.

To Bring Children's Supplies

PEPNepal appreciate the gifts that you bring for the children we feel that financial aid are more appropriate as these allow us to buy exactly what the children need at any given time.

If you do bring gifts, we ask that you donate them through the PEPNepal organization rather than giving them directly to the children. The reason for this is to maintain good relations between children and tourists and not promote begging, which has become intense in some areas. The organization can arrange informal meetings in which you could possibly offer your gifts at the family home, or gifts can be distributed by the organization as they are needed.

Volunteering in Different Areas

Teaching Yoga & Massage with the Good English speaker is highly demand.

And Teaching English to the Youth who are involving in different Tourism sector or help us in the office. We run two one-month trekking guide training programs each year - one in January/February and the other in July/August.

There are also lots to do in other areas (PEPNepal /Nepal yoga Trek / Purna Yoga Center) such as helping to write proposals, writing for Future prospective of our 2014 program. (For details Please contact us)

Other ways to help

Spread the word
Buying the product of PEPNepal Handmade product.

Sign up for a Nepal Yoga Trek ( and Joining Purna Yoga Center (

Upcoming Event

Capacity building workshop on Anchoring

Date: October 18-20, 2012
Time: 09.00am to 02.00pm
Venue: Purna Yoga Hall, Pokhara

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