About PEPNepal

The idea to establish PEPNepal grew from personal frustration at the problems experienced by many in establishing companies in Nepal due to various politically instable situations and continued governmental supply failures. Lack of skilled labor, not enough job placements compared to the demand even easy access to capacity building and empowerment. The solutions to challenges such as poverty, conflict, and ecological imbalances require a holistic approach that involves building sustainable economies, providing social support, and integrating the insights of spirituality. These challenges can best be overcome in communities in which the power to make decisions is shared among many people at all levels of society.

PEPNepal aims to tackle many of the complex social and economic problems within Nepal [if not included above then you need to include here what these social and economic problems are] by empowering people through local training and employment opportunities by creating platforms in:

Formal and Informal Education (School / College as well as Technical Education)
Involvement (Practice the newly acquired knowledge and gain experience and confidence in practical sphere)
Opportunities (Possibility to continue into full time employment) our vision is a world of communities based on non-violence, service, and cooperation.